Beach Ventures and Thai Style Field Trips


I love my town of Phang Nga, but after a few weeks here, I was feeling a little claustrophobic and in need of a mini adventure to shake things up a bit! Luckily, I am in an amazing location in southern Thailand, so it is really easy to get to a bunch of cute little beach towns for an escape. After a long week of teaching, I was really excited to meet up with some fellow teacher friends, hop on our mopeds and go! We decided to go to Ao Nang for the weekend, which is a little beach town located in Krabi Province. I packed up my backpack on Friday night and we left early Saturday morning. We decided to ride our mopeds because the buses are always very unpredictable here and we didn’t want to get stranded anywhere. I used to be really nervous about riding my moped, but I’ve gotten used to it and found that if I just stay to the far side of the road, other cars/motorcycles etc. will just drive around me if I’m going too slow. I’ve found it is actually a really fun way to get around, way more exciting than a car.

Two hours later, we arrived at the sparkling Ao Nang beach. It is unlike any beach I have ever been to because it has giant limestone karsts jutting out of the water all over the place. It is incredibly beautiful, one of those places where you have to pinch yourself so you know you’re not dreaming! We immediately dropped our stuff off at our hostel and headed for the beach. It was so nice to just hang out, swim, read books and walk on the beach after a long week of teaching. One of my friends and I decided to walk all the way to the end of the beach to one of the limestone karsts. We went swimming and collected shells then started walking back and realized that all of a sudden we were actually on an island because the tide had been coming in so quickly! We had to wade through knee deep water to get back to the mainland, luckily we didn’t leave any later…

The lovely Ao Nang Beach

That night we drank fancy cocktails on the beach and watched the sunset, which was stunningly beautiful amongst the karst scenery. On Sunday we enjoyed a few more hours at the beach before heading back home. It was a wonderful little beach escape weekend, and I am looking forward to many more like it!

Enjoying the sunset! not pictured: mojitos 

At school this past week, I only had three days of regular classes because on Thursday and Friday my class and I were going on an overnight field trip to an English camp at a resort in Ao Nang! We all drove down to the beach together really early on Thursday morning in two vans that we all squeezed into. The resort we stayed at in Ao Nang was really close to the hostel I had stayed in over the weekend, but about a bazillion times nicer! I had my own bungalow with three of the girls. The students all had a blast practicing their English by singing songs, making crafts and going on scavenger hunts around the resort with all of the English camp counselors. It was a pretty relaxing two days for me. I hung out with the other Thai teachers from my school and we even went on our own little adventure to a nearby beach that is famous for its fossils.

Interviewing tourists at the resort about Thailand. I had to explain to the kids that it is not ok to ask people how old they are… 
Relaxing by the pool while the students were in English Camp 
My Thai teacher friends 

On Friday morning we had to wake up at 6AM to bring the kids to the beach where they had to run laps and do all sorts of exercises. I think the counselors were just trying to tire them out… Afterwards we went to the fancy breakfast buffet the hotel had set up by the beach and I was in heaven. They had real coffee instead of instant, which I was way too excited about. There was also tons of fresh fruit, a make your own omelet station and French toast. Definitely the best breakfast I’ve had since leaving the US!

Getting ready to run laps on the beach at 6 AM 
Because everybody loves Hello Kitty 

It has been another great week in Thailand but I am missing everybody back home, especially with Thanksgiving being next week! It is going to be one weird Thanksgiving for myself and the other American teachers here, so eat some turkey for us 🙂






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